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Welcome to the #1 resource for U.S. Service Members moving or storing their personally owned vehicles for a permanent change of station.

VEHICLE RECALLS – IAW DTR K3 (Section O 1a) PRIOR to turn in, customers are responsible for ensuring their vehicle DOES NOT have an unresolved “Recall Notice”. Vehicle Owners can verify if their vehicles have an open recall notice at the following link: Service members can also print a report (documented proof) from the SAFERCAR webpage on the status of recalls associated with their vehicle.

Effective April 1, 2017 Service members MUST provide documented proof that there are NO OPEN RECALLS to the VPC during turn-in before it will accept the vehicle for shipment. If the recall cannot be corrected due to a lack of parts from the OEM or due to a lack of mechanical ability in the geographical area, the Service Members are to contact their servicing VPC for assistance on how to ship their vehicle.

ITV Lookup

In-Transit Visibility lets you check your POV shipping status, storage history, or Edit/Cancel your VPC appointment.

Enter your transportation Confirmation Number or your Shipping Instruction Number, then click Lookup.

Turning In

The first step in processing your vehicle for your permanent change of station is turning it in at your nearest Vehicle Processing Center (VPC). Click on this section to learn more about what you need to do before turning in your vehicle and what you need to bring with you when you do.

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Picking Up

We strive to make picking up your vehicle every bit as stress free and efficient as turning it in. Click here to learn about the things you need to do and to bring with you when it's time to pickup your vehicle from the Vehicle Processing Center.

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News & Advisories

Wiesbaden Closure & Relocation
13 March 2017

The Wiesbaden VPC will be relocating to a new location and will be CLOSED on FRIDAY - 24 MARCH 2017. The VPC will move from its current location to Bldg. 4013, Mainz-Kastel-Station, Ludwig-Wolker Strasse, 55252, Mainz-Kastel, Germany. Phone: +49 – 6134 - 6019144. Fax: +49 - 6134 - 5679774. If you… Read More

Special Notice - M/V HONOR
09 March 2017

On 24 February 2017, International Auto Logistics (IAL) was advised that the M/V HONOR, a roll-on roll-off U.S. Flag vessel, had experienced a fire off the coast of England. The vessel is currently underway back to the United States. IAL has emailed all service members with updates of the incident… Read More

Sigonella Closure & Relocation
08 March 2017

The Sigonella VPC will be relocating to a new building on the base and will be CLOSED on FRIDAY - 24 MARCH 2017. The VPC will move from its current location at BLDG 731 to BLDG 724. If you plan on shipping or dropping off your POV on or after 27 MARCH 2017 please check in at the new office at … Read More